Arctic Project

I've embarked on a long-term, primarily solo project composing a framework for music to be fully realized in live improvisations, accompanying myself by loop sequencer. I'll start posting bits of that project here.

The music is inspired by:
• tales of polar exploration and (mis)adventure;
• real and imagined polar environments & soundscapes (imperiled now by anthropogenic climate change);
• arctic cultures, and clashes & exchanges on the frontier; and particularly by
Dan Simmons' 2007 novel, The Terror, which weaves together these themes and more (including supernatural mythic elements) in its imagined fate for the lost Franklin expedition to navigate a Northwest Passage in the mid-19th century — call my project musical fan fiction if you like (or fictional fan music, or fanatical musical fiction...); and finally by
• the prospect of my own parallel exploration of the violoncello's versatility in evoking it all.

Far out, Farley Mowat!