Hugh Fox @ Swarm Gallery, Oakland

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Swarm Gallery, 560 Second Street, Oakland, CA

Hugh Fox @ Swarm Gallery, 2012(All ages, Free) Arctic Misadventure: Far-Out Improvisational Cello by Hugh Fox.

I'm playing at Swarm Gallery for Oakland Art Murmur "First Friday"—solo this time. Remember when you were a kid and didn't want anyone to see your drawings before they were finished? That's the impulse I'm subverting by offering a glimpse at the early stages of my Arctic Misadventure project, in which I weave eerie, ambient, improvisational evocations of arctic and nautical soundscapes together with sea shanties, classical and Irish dance tunes, and Inuit songs into a musical narrative, an imagined fate for the lost Franklin expedition to navigate a northwest passage in the mid-19th century—far out, Farley Mowat! "Good idea."

As if that weren't enough, Gary Comoglio is celebrating the opening of his studio—and of course all your longtime favorite studio denizens will be there as well with their latest and greatest: Terry Furry, Masako Miyazaki, and Cleo Vilett, &c.

As the trains say, "Look, Listen... and Live."

(I'll start around 7pm and play for about an hour.)

Age limit: All ages