April Adventures

Hugh Jackman as WolverineI've got several fun gigs coming up in April - check 'em out on my gigs page:

* a Sunday afternoon gig with Blue Rabbit in Burlingame - an uncommonly convenient one for families with small children,

* a multi-media extravaganza ushering in Earth Day with AmesEla at Crocker Galleria in SF, and

* another with Blue Rabbit at a battle of the bands at a high school in Vallejo!

Recently I was mis-billed at a gig as "Hugh Jackson" - hehe. I wonder if the person responsible might've secretly been hoping Hugh Jackman would show up and start playing the cello? I guess cello playing isn't the first career path that comes to mind when I examine those adamantium-infused claws, but far be it from me to discourage anyone's dreams.

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