Happy Holidays!

Yaxhá Leaflitter by Hugh FoxJust had a couple very fun, rockin' gigs with Blue Rabbit at Café du Nord, then the Make-Out Room. I've got a couple gigs coming up in December: my first solo performance in a while, for the "Oakland Under $100: Local Affordable Art" show at Temescal Arts Center, and then another Blue Rabbit gig, this time at Bottom of the Hill - and since we're opening this time, it's a good opportunity to see us a little earlier in the evening than usual.

As far as that solo show goes, I'm still not sure just what's gonna come out. I've been writing down some ideas I had recently that sound like accompaniment to a circus tightrope act, and I may try to play some of that - mwahaha-haha-haaa! But most of it will be completely and freely improvisational, which tends to be fairly brooding, autumnal ambient music with a lot of Irish influence - probably nothing danceable, no Brick House, sorry. I'm gonna try to incorporate this loop sequencer I've been learning to use lately - we'll see how that goes. Hopefully I can get one or two decent recordings and post them to the site next week.

When not listening to my brooding, autumnal cello music, I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, safe holiday season!

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